Political Priesthood and The Wake Up Call

The Communications Workers of America have sealed an unprecedented deal.

Originally, the Union was poised to lose health, pension, and job security points against Verizon, but in an unexpected move at the level of Federal Mediation, the Union played its hand of “Paper” against the Company’s “Rock”, and we all know that paper covers rock.

” I was really going to try Scissors,” Says an ecstatic Joe Stromboli, a union negotiator, “I don’t know what made me throw Paper out there, it must be fate.”

The Company negotiator, Hermann Vonssentruper, was unavailable for comment, having been whisked away from the bargaining table by several red and black clad men.  It was rumored that his move of “Rock” was entirely outside of company plans, and he acted on his own initiative.  His wife expressed concern as she has not heard from him since the fateful play.

As a result, the Union secured the following key points in a new 5 year contract:

1.  Complete health care, dental, vision, and elective plastic surgery with no co-pays

2.  Six weeks vacation

3.  46 paid sick daysper year

4. an increase of 127% to pensions

5. yearly wage increases totalling 23% over the five year life of the contract

6. Company contributions of 15% of wage to 401k plans

7. 6hour work days, with double time starting after the 6th hour.

8.  32 paid holidays, including “411 Day”

9.  Chauffeur driven vehicles. (Ethnicity and sex of drivers not yet determined, but rumored to be Swiss and female)

10. Free health insurance for family pets

These are a few of the more outstanding points of the new contract, other terms are equally favorable.

The company announced the new contract would decrease their profit margin from $22 billion to $21 billion per quarter, and were visibly crying during the announcement.

“We wanted that other billion” VP Martin Schnagenfur said through tears late last night.

As part of the deal, on August 29th of each year, Managers for the company that have not smiled or sang pro-union songs on a regular basis will be thrown from the roof of the company headquarters located in the Amazonian forests of Brazil.

“We really wanted the drop zone to be somehwere else, those huts are what…8 feet high?” a disappointed union negotiator said, ” but it’s the symbolism that counts I guess.”

Michael Phelps Caught Cheating  (at chess)

In a totally unsubstantiated claim, Michael Phelps was seen moving his rook one space while his opponent looked the other way during a chess match in which Mr Phelps had wagered heavily.
It appears that Mr. Phelps had thrown a quarter against the wall behind his opponent, and used the momentary glance towards the sound to move his rook one space over, setting him up for a classic Revoir de’attenta defense.
His opponent noticed the change and questioned Mr Phelps, who instantly retired from the game and went in another room to watch re-runs of “Friends”

Verizon  Strike/Lockout Due in August 2012 (Maybe)

Yes It Is

Let’s face it.
It’s about money.

We believe what we’ve been told, we feel viscerally afronts to those beliefs, but as a country, do we question the source of them?

We repeat the mantras dutifully, we toe the line, we don’t cause a fuss.
We believe that somehow each of us can Beat the Rap.
And we step around the homeless, forget the poor, and focus on whether or not gays should marry, or whether automatic rifles should be allowed for private ownership.
the Rights we hold so dear are eroded, and we expect Rights to be granted or denied by “Them” instead of holding them as intrinsic parts of humanity.
The banks rob us, the corporations rob us, and Yes kids, our own government supports that theft at the expense of us.
There is no government, no authority, that can accomplish this type of theft without the full cooperation of its victims.
Pledge Allegiance?
It’s far past time to question what we’re pledging to.
And Yes, Big Brother is doing more than just watch these days.

Seems the Police State is here.

Funny thing is, Cops are Union, are lower working class, and are the very people who should be supporting the Occupy movement.
But Power corrupts. So, the simple plan is to make the little people feel powerful, but only in the oppression of other little people. This diverts attention away from the real power and the crimes against humanity they commit.
It’s a proven tactic, learned from the Nazi implementation of the Judenrat and the Ghetto Police.
Look it up FLockers. Look it up.


No surprise…The South is Violent and the North is Peaceful.
is it gun laws, or education, or economics?
Sure their economy sucks, we knew that for years, since the northern economy is sucked dry by the south…
and their education sucks, we knew that too, since they keep insisting on trying to teach creationism…
and their gun policies are Bat-shit, we knew that too, since they constantly mis-read the constitutional amendment about well regulated militias…
You have to have one of the world’s largest cities in the North, NYC, to bring violence up just a tad…but still New York stays out of the top 10 most violent states.
Then again, New York is a northern state so:
Better education, better economy, better gun laws.
Maybe the South would be better off putting the bibles down and picking up a textbook now and again, maybe they should finally admit that the NRA is making them more stupid by the day…or should we say, “stoopider”
Should we keep treating the South as if it were a pet that occasionally soils the carpet, or should we finally teach it to shit outside?
How about pretending they won, and letting them form their own damned country.
“OK, you know what? We looked at the stats…and uh…you guys won after all. Good luck.”

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By Daily Mail Reporter

PUBLISHED: 21:03 EST, 6 May 2012 | UPDATED: 21:14 EST, 6 May 2012

For those looking for peace, it may be wise to steer clear of Louisiana.

So says the non-profit Institute for Economics and Peace, which has released its U.S. peace index for the second-straight year.

24/7 Wall St. reported that the rankings were compiled based on five categories, including violent crime, amount of law enforcement and the ability to obtain small arms.

Scroll down for video

Data: The findings were based on five factors, including violent crime, amount of law enforcement and the ability to obtain small armsData: The findings were based on five factors, including violent crime, amount of law enforcement and the ability to obtain small arms

IEP founder Steve Killelea told 24/7 Wall St.: ‘In perfect states, there’d be no crime, therefore you’d have no need for police, nor would you lock anyone up.’

Mr Killelea said that because peace is not an exact science, the organisation’s findings are based on…

View original 283 more words

Corporations are Not People

On January 21, 2010 the U.S. Supreme court decided that corporations, like people, have a constitutional right to Free Speech, overturning a century of campaign finance law.
This decision released a tsunami of corporate money into our political system.
Corporations have spent billions on campaigns since, influencing candidates and the outcome of elections.

Their agenda is not the agenda of the average citizen.
Their agenda seeks to side-step laws and restrictions on Labor Laws, Environmental Laws, and Safety and Health Laws.
Our democracy is broken, and this decision harmed America like no other.
And seriously, when Texas executes one, then I’ll believe they really are people.
Write your Senator, write your congressional representative, unless you are all for corporations using illegal immigrants to Frack for oil in your backyard, which will be seized to be used as a federal waste dump eventually anyway.
You can always BUY your water…


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